Instrumental Seismology Laboratory

 The laboratory was founded on January 1, 2018 according To the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan №3190 from 09.08.2017.

The laboratory staff:

1.    Alisher Ibragimov, a candidate of phys. and math. sciences, head of the laboratory.
2.    Lee Alexander, M. N. S.
3.    Majidov Jahongir, engineer.
4.    Yuldashev Erkin, engineer.
5.    Kurbanov Timur, engineer.               

The main scientific directions:

-- development of technology for early warning of strong earthquakes;
-- seismic microzonation;
-- assessment of the reaction of buildings and structures to man-made explosions and earthquakes.

Executed projects:
1.    PZ-20170918111 «Development of methods of early warning about strong earthquakes and emergency information about the arisen earthquakes in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan».
2.    The contract with the AGMK pox plant No. 02-1010-YUR "Assessment of pit slope stability Kalmakyr».
3.    Seismic monitoring of NPP design sites (Tudakul, Aydarkul).

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Technical equipment of the laboratory:

Digital seismometers CMG-6TD with recorders (Guralp, UK) – 6.
Digital accelerometers CMG-5TDE (Guralp, UK) – 2.