Regional Seismicity and Seismic Zoning Laboratory

Date of establishment:
In 1986 the Regional Seismicity and Seismic Zoning Laboratory has been established on the based of Tashkent Seismology Observatory and Regional Seismicity Laboratory of the Seismology Institute. The first head of the laboratory was Ulomov Valentin Ivanovich, corresponding member of the Academy of Science of Uzbekistan, a doctor of math and physics sciences. Since 1991 the head of the Laboratory is professor Artikov Turdali Usmanalievich, doctor of math and physics sciences.

 The staff of the laboratory consists of 4 doctors of science, a junior researcher and a Laboratory assistant. There are various equipment for collecting seismology data and automatic data processing.
1. Artikov Turdali Usmanalievich – doctor of science, professor, head of laboratory, tel:241-49-64, E-mail:;
2. Ibragimov Roman Solomonovich – doctor of science, leading research scientist, tel: +998909704979; E-mail:;
3. Ibragimova Tatyana Lyudvigovna – doctor of science, leading research scientist, tel: +998909704929; E-mail:;
4. Mirzaev Murodjon Abdurahimdjanovich – a junior research scientist, tel: +998946169265, E-mail:;
6. Sagatova Mashkura Turgunovna –  a laboratory assistant;

Scientific study: Development and improvement the seismicity research methods, revealing law and patterns of seismic process, elaboration theoretical basis of seismic hazard estimation (seismic zoning) and discovering expected seismic activity zones near the future.

 Scientific Achievements:
- Quantitative model of seismicity, a method of allocation and mapping of long-term seismic activity, "a physical" method of the assessment of possible strong earthquake magnitude (Мmax);
- It has been introduced functional seismicity, the new methodology of seismic hazard assessment and complex mapping technologies of seismic zoning are created;
- Research works on building of theoretical bases of seismogenesis are going on;
- The seismological part of «Construction codes and rules» (SNiP) is developed for seismic active zones of Uzbekistan (KMK-2.01.03-96) in cooperation with researchers of other laboratories;
- Seismological methods of assessment of a time slice and a place of seismic activization (patented);
- The computerized method of definition of an initial point is developed for various constructions;
- The series of maps characterizing seismic hazard both in indexes macroseismic points and in the physical characteristics reflecting dynamics of a ground movement at earthquakes (the peak accelerations corresponding to them the periods and duration of seismic loads, spectral composition of fluctuations) is developed;
- The database of the seismological data from historical times to now, detailed lists of aftershocks of strong earthquakes are created (with participation of employees of the Seismology Institute;
- The comprehensive programs for the solving the various scientific and applied problems are developed.

Application of results of research of the laboratory:
It is used in urban-planning, in preparation of a long-term national economic development plans for efficient laboratory and industrial resources allocation;
In the Ministry of Emergency Measures - for an assessment of possible seismological consequences of earthquakes and an assessment of seismic risk;
The Prediction Commission of the Seismology Institute detects the time and place of the seismic activity.
The complex of maps of seismic zoning of Republic of Uzbekistan (ОСР-2017) is developed and implanted at the Ministry of Construction of Uzbekistan.
The methodology of revealing of regions of expected seismic activity for coming years and the maps of the long-term forecast constructed are developed and implanted at the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Uzbekistan.
In cooperation with the staff of other laboratories of the Seismology Institute, seismic zoning maps of 26 cities of Uzbekistan which are necessary for preparation of perspective development Master plan by 2030 have been prepared.
120 assessment conclusions about seismicity of construction sites of the major industrial objects of national economy are issued over the last 10 years.
7 monographers, more than 350 scientific articles are published (more than 160 out of them are published abroad); Patents are obtained from 2001 to 2018: № DGU00419 dated 9/24/2001; №DGU00911 dated 3/10/2005; №DGU00912 dated 3/10/2005; №DGU00916 dated 3/25/2005; МХШ01178 dated 12/19/2006; №DGU01697 dated 2/27/2009; №DGU01972 dated 5/28/2010 and №DGU2016454 dated 8/11/2016.