Technogenic Seismicity Laboratory

Laboratory Manager, doctor of physics and mathematics
         Lutfulla Abdullayevich Hamidov

Year of foundation. The laboratory was reorganized in 2014 by combining "Texnogenic Seismicity" and "Mathematical Modeling and Automation of Research" of the Seismology Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Technogenic Seismicity" Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
 Nowadays there are, a doctor of physico-mathematical sciences,  2 candidates of sciences, 3 junior researchers and senior scientific researchers.
    The main scientific direction of the laboratory. Study of technogenic seismicity in seismic and hydraulic structures, gas and other fields and reservoirs, seismic ecosystems of these territories; conducting engineering-seismometric surveys in these areas for the purpose of control of the dams being constructed and used them in reservoirs; modeling of seismogeodynamic processes by mathematical physics; development of quantitative analytical methods to solve crucial geomechanical problems based on the idea of the tension and disintegration of torsional forces to study the physical and mechanical properties of the crust; development of targeted automated systems to solve geophysical issues related to seismic hazard assessment and seismic zoning and creation of a quantitative model of deformation of the crust in the technogenic objects and determination of earthquake-proof mechanisms.
Historical-scientific potential, basic scientific results that obtained by the laboratory LMPlotnikova, the Doctor of Technical Sciences, was the head of the laboratory till 1994. "Mathematical modeling and automation of research" was established in accordance with the Resolution of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan № 55 dated on April 1, in 1986. The laboratory was managed by a doctor of physics and mathematical sciences, professor T.Arritov till 1991, since 1991 to 2014 the laboratory was managed by doctor of physical and mathematical sciences L.A.Xamidov. There were worked the world-renowned Hero of Labor, such as academician H.A.Rakhmatullin, doctor of technical sciences Ya.U.Saatov and doctor of physical and mathematical sciences T.U.Artikov, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences F.Z Ziyaudinov. Since the establishment of the laboratory, five doctors and 18 candidates of science have been trained. Laboratory staff is actively involved in fulfillment of the state assignments by the Ministry of Innovations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The results of 24 fundamental and practical researchs which were done by the Laboratory  published in Uzbekistan and over 170 foreign scientific magazines. Laboratory specialists prepare bachelors and masters by the direction  "Geophysics" and "Engineering Geology". Besides, they have the opportunity to train highly qualified specialists in geophysics and physics and mathematics.
The results of the research are used in the field of energy, water management, mining and in the reservoirs, as well as for the assessment of seismic stability of gas and oil fields.
The laboratory has conducted  researchs on various geodynamic (seismic, geodesic, tectonophysical, etc.) monitoring of groundwater level in the reservoir area.
The main criteria for the construction of quantitative models, which showed studies, are the fracture; changes in engineering-geological processes need to be obtained from the initial oscillations occurring on the basis of geodetic measurements. Theoretical investigations have also proven the need for surface deformation components (cracks in the quaternary layers, disintegration zones, slopes), the change in the reservoir volume, and the flexibility of its base as initial quantities. For the three large reservoirs in Uzbekistan, localized earthquakes prediction dates, sequenced and baseline. Physical geographical conditions in the territory of large reservoirs - Toppalon, Hysorak, Chimkurgan and Talimarjan, located in different physical geographical and engineering-geodynamic conditions were analyzed. The state of strength and deformation of the rocks in the reservoirs is determined by the following factors: state of geological development of the region, mainly in recent times; Geological Structure (Formation and Tectonic Structure of Rock) and Climate and hydrological paleo conditions and modern conditions. Field expeditions are regularly monitored by seismometric and tectonophysical profile measurements in the Charter, Andijan, Angren, Hysorak, Pachkamar, Talimarjan and Topalon reservoirs. Four ideas were presented at the Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas that held in Tashkent in 2017 and in 2018. Continuous seismometric monitoring with the Urta Chirchik Hydroelectric Power Stoves Kaskadi Department of Uzhydroenergo, Xisorak and Tupalon Water Storage Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources Contractual works are being carried out. Technical contracts are underway on contracts with Navoi and Almalyk Metallurgical Combinats in 2017.
An algorithm for calculating the accumulation of the accumulated voltage in geothermal pressure and variation of forces on the basis of reservoirs of different seismotectonic structures in the local reservoirs is studied and the corresponding engineering-geodynamic models are studied. In the case of practical algorithm, the pressure changes in the use of reservoirs will allow the calculation of the tension in the local tectonic structures in the immediate area.
Laboratory staff participated more than 48 international conferences. Over the last years, more than 175 scientific papers have been published, and 3 copyright certificates have been received. The results of the fundamental and applied scientific researches carried out in the laboratory are being implemented in practice by the Headquarters of the Garabagh, Tupalon and Hizarak reservoirs use.

The mathematical model of the tension in the earthquake system, which is the basis of the seismic waves formed as a result of the crack cracks formed by dynamic processes in the crust, has been developed. Different physical earthquakes, which are the basis of seismic processes, are based on new laws that interconnect dynamic and geometrical parameters of mountain explosions.
New groundbreaking rules of seismic waves were detected from earthquakes that resulted in fracture disruptions and complex geometrical uneven cracks.
The results that obtained allow for an assessment of the local accumulation of stress and the distribution of flares in the wave area. Developed systems in the two and three dimensional vectors define the area of shift and deformation in the moment of the earthquake flares in the power field (dynamics and static equilibrium), allowing to evaluate voltage and deformation processes in quantum models similar to the earth's crust. They have also been able to build synthetic seismic, velicogram and accelerometer on the ground-based surface when the wave sources work in the near vicinity.
For example, in the case of seismic Earth faults in Uzbekistan, quantitative models of the initial force field have been created, including the large volumes of transverse intensities, divided into the area where future tectonic earthquakes occur. The first transverse tension distribution scheme was constructed by separating the maximum accumulation of stresses for seismo-geodynamic polygons. It serves as the basis for the evaluation of the quasi-ozone state of the tectonic forces in the orogenic part of Uzbekistan during the modern geotectonic development and the energy of deformations.




Different processes in the presence of cracks in the geological body, in particular, have a tendency to accumulate tension and, in the linear distribution of depths, additional deformations in the structured environment, which are directly reflected in anomalous shifts in the Earth's surface.
Evaluation of the methods of experimental calculation of the parameters of seismodilocation and paleodyslocations, which were discovered during the first tectonophysics and seismotectonic instrumental surveys.
The maximum distribution radius of leakage deformations, which is an additional product in the growth of the voltage accumulator and its various volumes, was determined. This is wider than in the existing laws of the world practice, and the extent to which cracks can occur has been assessed taking into account the maximum range. Quantitative evaluation models of the magnitude and the deformation of the Chatkal-Kurama, Baisun-Xisor mountain zones were constructed as the basis for the identification of excessive localized seismotectonic voltages in the Eastern and Southern part of the Earth's crust.



The physical and mechanical characteristics of the soil layers and the location of their space and space in the fractures of seven nearby reservoirs used in Uzbekistan were identified. Fields of action under the deformation of water reservoirs for the formation of the boundary conditions used in the quantitative model algorithm were determined in model calculations for different states.

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